A Guide to Custom Home Remodels in South Orange, NJ

Homeowners who want their dream home should start by working with a dedicated custom construction company, or they may need extra help later handling the projects on their own. Picco Partners has over 30 years of experience with custom home renovations that South Orange, NJ, homeowners love. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners to create their dream homes, with services ranging from kitchen remodeling to additions and full home renovations Here is what homeowners need to know about their custom home remodel.

Start With a Plan

Start with a plan if you want a custom home renovation or remodel. Your plan may be to gain more space in your home or create your gourmet chef’s kitchen. When looking into custom home remodels in South Orange, NJ, homeowners should narrow down their plans and wish list for the renovated space. What is the goal of the remodel? A goal could be:

  • Updating to current trends, especially for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Expanding space for a growing family
  • Increasing your home’s value for future sale
  • Fix issues from wear and tear
  • Customize your newly-purchased home to your tastes and preferences
  • Improve function in a poorly-designed or awkward space

Stating your goal for the remodel can help you determine precisely what you need and reduce distractions by keeping the project(s) on task.

Have a Budget and Specifications

Every home project needs a budget! Begin with a list of projects you want to include in your renovation plan and research their average costs. When you sit down with a qualified contractor or construction company, you can provide them with a list of projects for your renovation or remodel. You should also collect images of homes and room designs so they truly see your vision

At Picco Partners, we help ensure all our clients are on the same page when we begin a project by offering a detailed upfront consultation process. Our consultation helps ensure both our team and our client understand the project's scope, as well as any limitations, material preferences, and budgetary concerns. It’s one of the ways we set ourselves apart from other contractors and construction companies in our area.

Remember the additional costs of a home remodel

Home remodeling projects can often interrupt a homeowner’s daily lifestyle, so you should also account for additional expenses associated with the project. These can include pet boarding fees, hotel stays, portable appliances while your kitchen is out of commission, etc.

Find a Skilled Construction Company for Your Project

Once you have a plan and a basic budget, you have two ways to approach your project when looking for construction experts. Some homeowners may think they should hire various construction workers and work as their own General Contractor. - Still, that method involves scouting and finding professionals, discussing your plans, and taking bids. Not to mention immense amounts of coordination amongst a multitude of different trades and skilled craftsmen.

Using a professional construction company like ours is the easier and more preferred method. Then, instead of you handling every aspect of your remodel or renovation, you let us steer with valuable benefits such as:

  • Established relationships with vendors for better prices on materials
  • Precise knowledge of permits and building codes
  • A dedicated client portal to track daily progress
  • A clearly defined schedule and professional management to ensure timeliness and quality
  • Financing and loan assistance

Discover the Excellence of Our Custom Home Remodels in South Orange, NJ

Regarding custom home remodels in South Orange, NJ, homeowners love the professionalism, transparency, and reliability we offer at Picco Partners. We make you a partner in the project, and we’re there with you from the blueprint to the final day of construction. Trust us for all of your custom home renovation needs.

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