5 Reasons Why a Summer Renovation is a Good Idea

It’s official. Summer is almost here. While the season often means baseball games, days at the pool, and grilling out, it also marks the perfect opportunity for a home renovation. Regarding custom home renovations, Maplewood, NJ, homeowners should choose summer because the season offers many benefits over fall or winter remodels. If you wonder whether you should start your home renovation now or put it off until fall, here are five reasons why a summer renovation is a good idea.

1. The weather is on your side.

First and foremost, renovations in summer mean more favorable weather than in the other seasons. The summer days are longer and offer more time for work for professionals. They’re also less likely to face weather delays, which helps you save money.

The summer months are especially ideal for home renovations because it may be possible to do more work outside, reducing the amount of dust, debris, and project materials in your home. In addition, the weather conditions help paint set faster. Best of all, you can move decor and furniture temporarily outside if needed.

2. You make the holidays merry and bright in your remodeled home.

Once the summer weather ends, we often spend more time in our homes, particularly during the winter months. A home renovation in summer means you can enjoy your home’s new touches when the cold and snowy weather forces you inside. Your spacious new gourmet kitchen will be perfect for cooking winter favorites such as soups and stews.

Holiday baking will be easier as you rifle through your cabinets for every ingredient and prepare to make grandma’s famous drop cookies. In addition to being an ideal space for you, your newly-remodeled home will be the star of the show at your next holiday gathering. Whether you renovate your kitchen, guest bath, or any other space in the house, everyone will want to stay at your home for the holidays.

3. Summer renovations make it easier to manage any upheaval.

Kitchen renovations can displace you from your kitchen for several days, depending on the project's complexity. Replacing the flooring, cabinets, and other kitchen features can make your fridge and appliances out of commission. However, the summer months make it pleasant to be outside and easier to cook, especially if you just light up your grill.

4. Better schedules for families offer more flexibility for renovations.

The school year can create chaos in many families’ schedules, especially with kids who must be picked up and dropped off by parents each weekday. When summer rolls around, the daily demands of school disappear, and parents have a more flexible schedule. When planning a summer renovation, Maplewood, NJ, homeowners can take advantage of the school break.

Scheduling a remodel in the summer lets the homeowner go on vacation, send the kids to sleepaway camp, or rent a summer home if needed while the renovation is underway.

Even if you don’t venture outside the city during your renovation, you can spend days at the park, visit local attractions, and enjoy the great outdoors.

5. Enjoy your home now and prepare for resale later.

Although there may be several reasons for your interest in custom home remodels, Maplewood, NJ, is one of the hottest markets. Industry data shows home listings increased by 29.7% over the last year, and homes sell for nearly 10% more than they did a year ago.

The area is a seller’s market. If you have your eye on selling within the next few years, give your home a competitive edge now with a summer remodel. Even if you don’t sell in the following spring, you will create a beautiful home you can enjoy for years, but with the updated finishes future buyers expect.

Get Spectacular Custom Home Remodels in Maplewood, NJ
At Picco Partners, we do custom home renovations Maplewood, NJ, residents love, whether they opt for a resale or just update the beloved family home. Each project features the same professionalism and dedication that sets us apart from other companies in the area. Don’t put off your renovation until the fall. Start now while the weather is right, and the benefits are ample. Contact us today and see how we can help you use the summer to create your dream home.

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